10 Items You Should Always Pack in Your Carry On

Neck Pillow

I never leave town without my neck pillow! I use it both on the plane, and often times in hotels as well when the pillows aren’t as comfortable as back home!

Noise Canceling Headphones

The only way to travel is with noise cancelling headphones! There is nothing like a screaming baby, or loud chatter, to ruin an otherwise relaxing flight! With the right headphones, you never have to worry about annoying plane noises.

Eye Mask

Planes and hotel rooms can let in a lot of light and rest is extremely important when traveling. I bring this super soft eye mask along with me, guaranteeing a wonderful night’s sleep no matter where I am.

Travel Kit

I love, love, love this little pouch! It’s the perfect size, so it fits perfectly in any bag, and it is loaded with everything you could possibly need in travel-ready sizes that are so convenient- from a pill container and ear plugs to winkle remover and hand lotion.

Face Moisturizer

Travel can really take it’s toll on your skin. It is important to stay moisturized when on the road. I absolutely LOVE Aesop products, and this barrier cream is my perfect travel companion. It is rich and creamy, but quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t break me out.

Large Scarf or Wrap

I received this Burberry wrap as a gift years ago and it has come on nearly every trip with me since. Yes, its expensive, and there are plenty of options our there at every price point, but I personally think of this as a piece to invest in. Planes are cold and I use this as both a wrap and a blanket on flights.

Lip Gloss

Fresh Cosmetics has an entire line of tinted SPF lip glosses that are amazing for travel! They protect your lips, and provide a little color so you always look great in photos. I personally like the Rose, Ruby and Coral varieties, but you really can’t go wrong!


Call me old fashioned (and yes, I also use my tech apps for note taking) but when I am planning trips and blog posts I love to take hand written notes. It gets me excited about places to visit and topics to research, and it keeps all of my important information in one place. I just love these Smythson journals, I picked mine up at Colette in Paris, so its extra special to me!

Hand Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere. Do yourself a favor and pick up a a hand sanitize or two before your next trip.

Phone Charger

My devices are always dying. As a result I invested in an AMAZING piece of luggage by AWAY. The “Bigger Carry-On” (shop here: https://www.awaytravel.com/luggage/bigger-carry-on) has come all over the world with me, and the built-in battery can charge any USB device so you’ll always be able to check your maps, email, or Slack. For when my luggage is stowed away, I make sure to carry an external changer with me as well, so that I always have the power I need to stay connected.



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