The Best Pizza in Naples, Italy

I love pizza! But then again, who doesn’t! While visiting Italy I made a point to eat as much pizza and pasta as humanly possible, which means luckily for you, I know the best, must visit, spots!

Here now, I present to you the Caution Meet Wind guide to Eating Pizza in Naples.

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

The truth is, at Pizzeria Da Michele you will likely encounter a line, and a few tourists looking to eat at the place Julia Roberts ate at in Eat, Pray Love. But, you will also find some of the best, wood fired, Neapolitan pizza in town! The menu is minimal and to the point, like all good things in Italy. For convenience it is even plastered to the wall, no need for translations or unnecessary requests at this humble spot!

Pizzeria Da Michele

The pizzas cook up in less than two minutes, which means the ovens must be HOT and the final product is quite simply perfect. Soft center, crisp and chewy crust, and then there’s the cheese- I definitely recommend the buffalo mozzarella, because when in Italy!

Pizzeria Da Michele

Pizzeria Da Michele | Via Cesare Sersale, 1, 80139 Naples, Province of Naples, Italy (map)

Pizzeria Starita

Starita is run by Antonio Starita, a larger than life personality that makes this Pizzeria a must visit spot! A short walk from Napoli Centrale Train Station is all that lies between you and the best pizza I have ever tasted.

I opted for the quattro formaggi, a personal favorite of mine and it was pure perfection – the crust, the cheese, the adorable atmosphere! I left wondering how I will ever enjoy pizza back home again. Stick around for a while at this friendly spot, the locals will happily share the best place to lounge the afternoon away in Napoli!


Pizzeria Starita | Via Materdei, 27, 80136 Naples, Province of Naples, Italy (map)

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