What I’m Packing – New York City

Tomorrow I am flying out to New York for 10 days!! Yes ten! I am so excited.

I will be in the city for a week long intensive for my Masters program, and I extended my stay over two weekends to catch up with friends, visit some of my favorite restaurants, and do some much needed spring shopping. New York is one of my favorite cities. I lived there over a few summers in college so I definitely have my New York routine which I’m looking forward to. There are so many great things about New York. I love how walkable the city is, the fast pace is amazing, and there is so much to see and do. Did I mention I’m exited!

For now I am busy packing, and I wanted to share with you what’ll I’ll be bringing in (of course!) my carry on suitcase. Don’t worry, I love lot’s planned for my trip- I’m staying at two hotels, have some amazing restaurant reservations, plans to visit a few top sights, and much more – all of which I’ll be sharing on the blog soon! For now, follow my adventure on Instagram and Snapchat!

What I’m Packing for New York City


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