One Carry On. Sixteen Pieces. Endless Outfits.

No matter where I am off to, I do my best to pack everything in a carry on suitcase. I know it can be difficult, but with years of practice I have actually come to enjoy packing light, planning my outfits ahead of time, and knowing my belongings are always by my side.

As a rule of thumb I try to stick to 16 items or less, but will sometimes stretch to 20. That means incorporating a fair number of staple pieces, and then adding in accessories and accents. It is also extremely important to select items that can be worn together and that share the same color palate. Sometimes I add in blush tones, other times I go with blue, but there are always a fair amount of classic black pieces in my carry on.

I’m traveling to Europe a lot these days and below you’ll find what I have typically been packing for a week long trip.

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