Pierre Sang on Gambey

When I was in Paris earlier this month I was invited to a fantastic dinner at Pierre Sang on Gambey! Executive Chef and Owner Pierre Sang Boyer was a finalist in the 2011 season of French Top Chef catapulting him to instant culinary fame. Since the show aired, he has opened a number of successful restaurants in France. Boyer was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was adopted at the age of seven by a French family. He was trained as a chef in Lyon and his cuisine is a great mix of French with Korean influence.

His restaurant, Pierre Sang on Gambey, is a fantastic culinary experience. The location is small and intimate, offering only a set tasting menu. A true foodie delight, the only thing you know for sure when you reserve your meal is how many dishes you’ll be served- – two, three, four or six courses, priced between €20 and €48 at lunchtime and €49 to €88 in the evening. At Pierre Sang on Gambey the menu is a secret, left to the diners to discern with their taste buds!

Once you’ve been seated and selected the number of courses you’d like to enjoy, your tasting experience will begin. They also offer a wine pairing and a full wine list, both of which nicely compliment the mystery courses.

Our meal started with hands down the most delicious bread and butter I have ever enjoyed! It didn’t look like anything special, but I’m telling you, it was AMAZING! The butter was creamy and salty, and the bread was soft on the inside, crisp on the outside. I may never enjoy bread again, this basket was so delightful!

Next came the courses! The structure makes the experience an exciting mystery! We tasted each plate with the utmost care and intrigue. When the servers returned to the table to test our tasting skills we would proudly proclaim our ingredient speculations, and luckily were able to successfully identify a few of the dishes!

The First course was a cauliflower puree, which we were all very pleased to have guessed correctly!

The Second course was asparagus and carrot salad, which we were also able to identify.

The third course was a bit more complicated- a delicious fish course staring dorade. It was fresh, flavorful and fantastic!

For the fourth course, we enjoyed decadent pork. The flavors were bold and surprising. This course was a real brain teaser and we debated for quite a while before we even guessed the protein!

Next came the cheese course, which was as delightful as it was beautiful.

Finally, dessert was light and refreshing, a berry soup of sorts with sorbet.

On the night we were there Pierre was in house, walking around introducing himself to everyone. It was such a treat to get to meet the chef at such an incredible restaurant!

I can’t say enough positive things about the service and food at Pierre Sang on Gambey. The experience was fun, charming and interesting. I have to say my dinner at Pierre Sang on Gambey is one of the best I’ve had in Paris, if not ever! Not to mention, the dishes were each beautiful! Next time you’re in Paris, I highly recommend you give Pierre Sang on Gambey a try!

The Details

Pierre Sang on Gambey | 6 Rue Gambey, 75011 Paris, France | +33 9 67 31 96 80 | Reserve Here!

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