SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa

SUGARFISH is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in the world. It is affordable and the food, at least in my opinion, is perfection. Every single time I am in Los Angeles I make sure to stop by SUGARFISH for at least one meal.

SUGARFISH does not accept reservations, so be prepared to wait a bit, or arrive early, but I promise it’s worth it! At SUGARFISH, you can order sushi by the piece, but the servers recommend one of the three “Trust Me” meals. Similar in a way to traditional omakase, which translates to “I trust the chef” – the set menu options at SUGARFISH are definitely the way to go. All three options begin with organic edamame and a fantastic tuna sashimi. The simplest, Trust Me Lite, is $19 and includes three pieces of nigiri; the most expensive is the Nozawa Trust Me, with 10 pieces of sushi and two hand rolls at a price of $37. The food is served in waves as the sushi is ready, giving you time to enjoy the experience, and your Asahi beer.

On my recent trip to LA I was in town celebrating my brother’s birthday. He requested lunch at SUGARFISH and I was more than happy to spend his birthday lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant! We were celebrating, so we ordered an Asahi and the Nozawa sake to share – the perfect birthday combination!

I splurged and ordered the Nozawa. Every single dish was amazing. As always, the meal started with organic edamame and tuna sashimi in a delicious sauce.

Next came one of my favorite plates, 2 pieces of salmon sushi and 2 pieces of albacore sushi. Both are melt in your mouth delicious.

Another plate of perfect sushi arrived next, 2 pieces of yellowtail sushi, and one piece each of hirame and snapper. Some of the pieces come in a sauce and are meant to be eaten without soy sauce. Always listen to the rules and suggestions at SUGARFISH, they won’t lead you astray!

Time for the handrolls! One toro and one blue crab. It is so hard to pick a favorite part of the meal at SUGARFISH, but I absolutely love the blue crab handroll. The outside seaweed if perfectly crisp, the rice is warm and the crab is perfectly creamy! When I haven’t already over ordered, I usually find myself ordering a second blue crab handroll- yes it’s really that amazing

Just when you think you could not have another bite… the Nozawa comes with the daily special, which today was toro, the reason why I splurged and ordered the mega meal. It was totally worth it! The toro was rich and decadent. It was at this point we began to wonder how we would make it to the birthday dinner. Oh well, all in the name of sushi at SUGARFISH!

OK, one more treat! Whenever you make it to SUGARFISH, the minute you are seated ask if they have the albacore belly sushi. If they do, make sure to add it to your order. The albacore belly is the most delicious thing on the menu at SUGARFISH, which is why they often run out. Luckily for this celebration lunch they had it available, which was the perfect dessert of sorts to cap off our birthday feast!

We had so much fun at this little birthday lunch! The next time you are in Los Angeles and craving sushi, I highly recommend you stop by one of the many SUGARFISH locations. There is also a location that just opened in New York for all of you east coasters. I can’t wait to return to LA and head immediately to SUGARFISH for my perfect sushi fix.

Where is your favorite sushi restaurant? Let me know in the comments below!



SUFARFISH | Multiple Locations | | No Reservations |A 16% service charge will be added to your bill, no tipping necessary

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