Where to Travel in April

April brings the beginning of spring, a month full of shining sun and blooming flowers. Spring is an amazing time to travel, before the summer crowds and before the heat becomes unbearable in the northern hemisphere. Many places around the world have temperate climates in April, and sun can be found around the globe. All in all, April is a fantastic time to get away and take a vacation. If you’re planning a trip next month hopefully this list of perfect April travel destinations will provide some inspiration to book a ticket and start packing for your next adventure!

Tokyo, Japan

Courtesy of Rekishi no Tabi / flickr

Tokyo’s kaleidoscopic lights, crush of humanity and sheer scale can be overwhelming for first-timers. Yet linger a while and you’ll almost certainly encounter the serene side of traditional Japan. Discover graceful tea ceremonies and gardens awash with springtime cherry blossom, a world apart from skyscraper-dotted Shinjuku or trend-obsessed Harajuku. Forget trying to make sense of this megalopolis, with its jigsaw of real estate and seething mass of people, and follow the example of the omikuji (fortune scrolls) at Senso-ji Temple — just take Tokyo as it comes.
Spring in Tokyo is ushered in by a magnificent fanfare of plum and cherry blossoms in March and April, an exquisite time of year when all of Japan is set ablaze in whites and pinks. The blossoms last only a few days, symbolizing to the Japanese the fragile nature of beauty and of life itself. Tokyo may still have cool, rainy weather until May, so be sure to bring a light raincoat or jacket. –Frommer’s Tokyo

New Orleans, Louisiana

Courtesy of gary718 / Shutterstock

New Orleans should come with a warning label. No, no, not about hurricanes. Forget that. That’s like solely identifying Hawaii with erupting volcanoes. No, this is about the city itself. See, there’s this group of residents known as the “never lefts.” They are the people who come to New Orleans as tourists, and the city worked its magic on them.

They become spellbound by the beauty of the French Quarter and the Garden District, and marvel that history is alive right beneath their feet. They listen to music flowing from random doorways and street corners—jazz, Cajun, blues, whatever—and find themselves moving to a languorous rhythm. They kiss beneath flickering gas lamps, and groove to a brass band in a crowded club long past their usual bedtime. They eat sumptuous, indulgent meals, and scandalously indulge yet again hours later, with 3am beignets at Café du Monde, where they watch the passing human parade. They’ll catch the scent of jasmine and sweet olive (with a whiff of the Caribbean, and a garlic topnote, perhaps) wafting through the moist, honeyed air. –Frommer’s New Orleans

Lisbon, Portugal

Courtesy of Carole Dowd / Flickr

Wonderful Lisbon has absolutely every element vital for a great weekend break (or more). Burgeoning social, food, arts and design scenes; great little places to eat and drink; interesting old corners and markets to poke around; glorious architecture with just the right amount of crumbling, poster-paint-bright historic facades. There are old palaces to stay in, rooftop bars with pools to hang out in. It’s beside the sea! And it’s all ridiculously, delightfully affordable. Go at any time – though April is a great time to go to Lisbon, when the days are long and sunny and the cobbled streets are beginning to warm up. –Conde Nast Traveler


Courtesy of takeite@sy / flickr

As the coast of Namibia has practically no rain and more than 300 days of sunshine a year, you’d be hard-pushed to not get decent weather. It is welcoming and politically stable, vast and largely uninhabited. And it’s lovely in April – a moderate 24ºC by day. The Skeleton Coast is stunning and atmospheric; the Etosha National Game Park i packed with wildlife (four of the big five plus diverse birdlife), with lots of camps to stay at. Venture into the Namib Desert, to Soussuvlei, a salt pan surrounded by red sand dunes, best visited at dawn or dusk when the light is most dramatic. –Conde Nast Traveler

Paris, France

Who doesn’t love Paris in the springtime? Or at any time of year, come to that – Paris is always a good idea, as Audrey Hepburn said. But go now, when the city is warming up. The trees around the Tuileries are in blossom and new greenery, when we can join the young Parisians to come out blinking into the spring sunshine, shrug off our good coats to bare a new-season Breton stripe, sit out beside the Canal Saint-Martin and smoke a Gauloises, or stroll a long, golden-evening stroll along the Seine, hand in hand with someone else who loves Paris in the springtime. –Conde Nast Traveler



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